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Chris Burnham is a certified Body Geometry Master Fit technician.  This is the only fit certification that tests their applicants for proficiency in advanced fit methodologies.  There are less than 150 certified Body Geometry Master fitters in the world.  We are proud to be a part of this exclusive group. For more info on Chris and his bike fitting, please visit his site at:

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Our bike fitting philosophy is based on the belief that each and every athlete is unique with different ranges of motion, functional stability, and fitness levels; and the bike should be adapted to meet those unique needs to achieve a balanced, comfortable, athletic, and powerful position.

We utilize a dynamic fitting process and will include several positional changes to see how your unique bio-mechanics change through the process while you are pedaling.   Evaluating your bio-mechanics while pedaling is important because static measurements will not give us a complete picture.  Instead, we use a pre-fit assessment and video analysis to see how your bio-mechanics while pedaling.  

An important part of our bike fitting process is that we will help you become a better athlete by giving you suggestions on how you can improve your function on the bike.  That may be a combination of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling, or strengthening work. Our goal is to make your position on the bike as efficient, comfortable, and powerful as possible.  

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